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The Organisertron is a new feature added in LittleBigPlanet 3. It contains a checklist of quests assigned by level creators for the player to complete. You access it by holding down triangle (if it fails to come up, the level probably has it disabled intentionally). Quests can be either primary quests (marked with a star) or secondary quests. Quests can contain any number of objectives (sub-quests).

Quest statuses persists across levels within an Adventure and are saved upon leaving the adventure. Completing quests can yield rewards in the form of points, Collectibells, prizes or even new quests.

Quests can have quest markers associated with them. If they do, you can use the square button to highlight locations on the screen which lead to a point of interest within the quest.

The Quest Tweaker, Sensor, and Marker are logic components added for use with the Organisertron.

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