Newton's Bulb Explored is the third to last cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3, located in Bunkum Lagoon.


Newton: How touching; Bunkum's silent heroes helping their fallen leader...

But it won't so you any good. You will ARE fall, HERE, together...

Evil Newton: Nothing! You're nothing. All you are is a big embarrassment!

Ooh, look at me, I'm Newton! Everything I make turns out rubbish!

Newton: What? No... no it doesn't!

Evil Newton: My dad's a legend but I'm an incompetent oik!

Newton: No... no I'm not!

Evil Newton: I call people my friends, but they laugh at me behind my back!

Newton: No they... do they?

Do people really laugh at me?

Evil Newton: Take a look in the mirror. Do you think?

Newton: I... I... I think... I...

I think...

That YOU, my 'friend', are a big blooming bully!

...and I'm not going to stand here and listen to this any longer.

Evil Newton: Gaaaaah!

Newton: I mean REALLY!

In this day and age, people like you should be... Oh!

That was easier than I throught it'd be! Ha, go team me!

Ooh? What's going on? I feel weird.

What have I done?

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

The trick...

You see, is to show NO FEAR!

Okay, I'm a little bit afraid now.



In the Beta Version of the cutscene, the third Titan's form was originally more Squid-like, instead of the newton-type robot, this boss design appears to fit the zaniness of Bunkum Lagoon, where it appears to be cover in the "DO NOT USE!" stickers, and has a gold tooth.[1]


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