Negativitron Incoming is the intro cutscene to The Cosmos in LittleBigPlanet 2.


Dr. Herbert Higginbotham: The machine elves were skipping through the dream flux man, branching and growing and singing, but I fixed them.

Larry Da Vinci: I see. So Huge Spaceship is working again then.

Chaps, All aboard.

Clive Handforth: I, er, I think we should be leaving.

Avalon Centrifuge: Wait! History will surely tell of this day.

Maidens will weep at our humble sacrifice, our names will be etched in the stars.

Eve Silva Paragorica: Es hora de GET OUT OF HERE!

Avalon Centrifuge: The time has come and gone for - AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Larry Da Vinci: Avalon! No!

Negativitron: Avalooonnnnnn...

Dr. Herbert Higginbotham: He is still part of the life coil man, he's spinning, screaming but he's got no mouth.

He's a light bulb.

Larry Da Vinci: He's... is he still alive?

Dr. Herbert Higginbotham: Avalon's of the mind-plane and time rewinds to a chrysalis.

No wasting a moment. Let's... blast... OFF!

Larry Da Vinci: That's the most sense you've made all day. WOOF!


LBP2 Story 6-Intro - Negativitron Incoming

LBP2 Story 6-Intro - Negativitron Incoming

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