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There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.

N.A.O.M.I is the robotic Creator Curator of the Interstellar Junction in Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Personality & Appearance

N.A.O.M.I is welcoming, well-spoken and polite to Sackboy when they first meet. Although she seems like a caring, albeit robotic ruler she slowly starts to transform into a virus-ridden tyrant who only obeys Vex.

N.A.O.M.I seems to be a robot made mostly out of scrap metals. She has a face shaped like a can, along with white eyes that have blue cogwheels around them. Her eyes become red when she suffers from her glitches. Her hair is dark blue, coiled metal resembling an afro of sorts. Her body is very cylindrical, with a steampunk cogwheel being stuck on the front. She also wears a fabric cape and epaulettes on each shoulder, giving her torso a military-like appearance.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

In Boot Up Sequence The Non Aggressive Overseer of Massive Intelligence (otherwise known as N.A.O.M.I) welcomes Sackboy and introduces him to the Plasma Pumps, a new powerup that will let him traverse the floating high-tech cities of The Interstellar Junction.

Throughout Sackboy's journey in the world N.A.O.M.I begins to show more and more unusual, glitchy behaviour. In Fight And Flight she realises someone has infected her with a virus. However its evident once Sackboy reaches One Track Mind that she has been hacked by Vex and now has little control. Finally in Nervous System Sackboy must face off against a completely Vexed N.A.O.M.I and destroy the virus now lurking in her hardware.

Once removed from her data she is grateful and wishes Sackboy well on the rest of his journey. She also arrives at the party in Loom at the end of the game to celebrate the defeat of Vex and Sackboy's new Knitted Knight status.

She makes appearances in the following levels, primarily through electronic screens displaying her face:

  • Boot Up Sequence
  • Touch And Go
  • Fight And Flight
  • Pros And Conveyors
  • Once Track Mind
  • Nervous System
  • Vexpiration Date - (during ending cutscene)


  • Because of her robotic nature and calm, female voice, N.A.O.M.I could be a homage to virtual assistants such as Apple's Siri.
  • N.A.O.M.I seems to rhyme with Wyoming, this is A nod to the ARG called the "Wyoming Incident" which has well-known for it's Hijacking, which fits the fact that she was hijacked.
  • Various visual queues relating to N.A.O.M.I, including her final form as a boss, seem to reference the computer HAL in the 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey".