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My Magnificence Knows No Bounds is the intro cutscene to Avalonia in LittleBigPlanet 2.


Clive Handforth: Hello Science Face.

Avalon Centrifuge: That's Avalon Centrifuge to you!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey Kiddo! Welcome to the triumphant manifestation of my transcendence.

I call it home.

That's enough! It's business time.

Ace, the time has come for you to learn the ways of The Machines.

You shall become a pilot.

I shall lead us to victory, and you shall be my Number 2!

Larry Da VinciNow see here Avalon, I am the leader of the Alliance.

We've talked about this.

Avalon Centrifuge: The Negativitron may attack at any moment: Nothing is more important than defending Avalonia.

Larry Da VinciAnd Craftworld.

Avalon Centrifuge: And Craftworld. We must me prepared. Clive?

Clive Handforth: Yes Mr. Science?

Avalon Centrifuge: Fetch my Tall Orange Mochaccino. I've got a brain thinking to do.

Clive Handforth: Oh.



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