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Mrs. Sunshine is a 'terminally unimpressed clown' and Creator Curator of Spooky Mansion. She appears to have invented her own imaginary friends that annoy her, which could imply that she has gone insane from being trapped in the Spooky Mansion alone.


She is a clown with a large blue clown's nose, a yellow hat with blue buttons, greenish-blue tinsel for hair, a purple neck-ruff, clown makeup, a blue striped suit, cotton buds for fingers, blue clown shoes, and a hat made of what looks like, clay.


  • She is voiced by Sarah Hadland.
  • Her name starting with Mrs. could imply she is married.
  • Her name is "sunshine" as a joke on her depression.
  • She has a Yorkshire accent.
  • She sometimes makes jokes, but she is a tad bit depressed.