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Mortar Do is one of the levels of LittleBigPlanet PSP in the area The Orient.


Exiting the Dreamtime you find yourself in the Orient, your first step to reuniting the Curators will be to find the Emperor, but to get to him you’re going to need to get a bit nifty with some bricks and mortar - this place has been trashed by a Dragon.


Emperor Sario: "Hi, I'm Emperor Serio! A nasty dragon is attacking the land and destroying things. Help me to defeat the dragon and I will accompany you to the The Carnaval of Creators! First thing is to help my engineers to repair the Great Wall."

One of Emperor Sario's engineer: "I'm one of the Emperor's engineers and I'm on a special engineers tea break, but you can lower that block into place using the lever."

"Watch out below!"

"These beautiful Royal Lanterns give a lift to one's spirit. Hint hint!"

"Construction site ahead! Watch out for falling masonry."

"This next repair is tricky, so use the machinery and you'll turn it around in no time!"

"The Emperor is waiting at the top of the scaffolding. Watch out for the explozives on your way up."

Emperor Sario: "Agrrhhh, the dragon's back! What IS its problem?! Quickly, make your escape!"

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