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Marianne Noisette is the Creator Curator of The Land of Odd who appears in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.



Marianne was created by The Puppeteer, along other puppets, as a way to spread happiness and joy through Carnivalia. The shows she was part of where like no other. However, being behind the scenes, without being seen, praised or given credit for, The Puppeteer grew bitter and jealous of his own puppets, and in a fit of rage threw them all away, and with them his famous puppet-show.

Marianne landed on a waste dump, where all the bits and bobs ended up, and stayed there, with no life, for several years. It took The Puppeteer to realize the mistake in his ways for her to come to life, as he shed a last tear that contained in it all the despair of never seeing his puppets again. This tear divided into several tears, one which fell on Marianne, making her a living being.

Being surrounded by unwanted trash, Marianne was anything but comfortable and decide to revolutionise the place, single-handedly creating a paradise of oddity and mechanics, by tinkering the trash into a natural utopia.


She has indigo-striped hair, which is cut in various lengths, similar to yarn.Her face resembles a Raggedy Ann Doll with plastic but sad eyes, a pink triangle nose, rosy cheeks, blue lips (shaped like a heart), and a small smile. Her torso seems to be white and gray yarn with button of varying sizes and colors. Her arms and legs are bent-up metal rods, with her feet being plastic and her hands being wooden balls.


Marianne is a very sweet character. She is polite to a level that she doesnt seem to mind The Hollows stealing her things. She is also very quiet and sweet.



marianne is one of the puppeteer's puppets, as she said in story mode, she was found in a pile of unwanted things, when she was fixed by a unknow identity, she decided to fix and clean that pile of trash, and then the land of odd was formed. but one day, the hollows started to steal her toys and then destroy, however she doesnt do anything about it. after sackboy defeated the boss, marianne was kidnapped by two hollows, and was took to jackpot city

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

The Land of Odd


  • She has a French accent.


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