Mama Monkey is One Of the many characters you will

meet in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. She Is the Creator

Curator Of the The Colossal Canopy.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

You First encounter her in the level sticking with it where she asks you to stop vex. You than later come across her in the level money business where she needs you to round up all her monkeys and chuck them in the baskets where they will be safe before the big monsoon hits.



She's a stuffed monkey with her appearance and attire matches an Aztec civilian.


Mama Monkey cares for the other monkeys and is worried about them when the monsoon is coming. She also Says that vex doesn’t frighten her none. She is protective of her bananas and gets angry when someone steals them because they are the Colossal Canopys natural resource.

She is also kind and shows hospitality towards anyone visiting the Colossal Canopy unless there stealing her nanas of Course


  • She's basically a play on a gorilla.
  • She speaks similarly to Nana Pud.


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