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There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.

This is a collaborative walkthrough for LittleBigPlanet.

The Gardens


When you first play the game, you'll have to go through the Introduction. There's not much to do other than listen to the announcer (Stephen Fry on US and UK versions of the game) and proceed through the level. If you want to get through the level really quickly, simply keep running until you reach the end.

First Steps

First Steps follows the Introduction. When you enter the level, head to the right to listen to what the King has to say. After reading what he has to say, proceed through the level. You'll eventually come to Dumpty. Dumpty will want you to show him your running and jumping skills. Simply run up the slope, jump onto the next slope, but don't continue on. From the second slope, jump onto the area Dumpty is sitting now. Once you reach this area, you can run into him and push him off the ledge, resulting in him breaking in half and spilling around eight Score Bubbles. Once you have collected them all, jump onto the slopes and jump over the brick wall, though make sure you activate the checkpoint by walking in front of it.

Continue through the level and you will come to more slopes. As before, simply run up the first on, jump onto the second on, and then jump onto the brick wall by jumping off the tip of the second slope. Continue on and you will meet Dumpty again, though this time he is surrounded with 15 score bubbles. Dumpty will say that five or more in a quick succession will earn you a Score Multiplier, so try to collect all of them really quickly to get a high score multiplier. Once you have collected them all, push Dumpty over, who will break in half again and spill around eight score bubbles. After collecting them all, continue on.

Next, you will be told to jump into the screen to get up some hills that have score bubbles on them. From the first hill, hold up on the analog stick and press X to move up into the second hill. Collect the four score bubbles here, and then move up to the highest hill be holding up on the analog stick and pressing X. Proceed along this hill, and once you reach a wall, fall down to the next hill, collect the score bubbles, and then fall down again for some more score bubbles and continue walking through the level.

You'll next come to an area where you have to jump over some bumps that have score bubbles in between them. Jump over them quickly to get a x3 score multiplier and continue on. Next, jump up onto the hill and collect the score bubbles until you reach the turning wheel. Try to collect all the score bubbles, though try to not fall into the water which will kill you. After collecting all the score bubbles, move onto the next area.

You'll come across Dumpty yet again. He will tell you that Prize Bubbles contain useful items that contain costume parts that you can use on your Sackperson. Run through the seven Prize Bubbles, but then turn around and try to push Dumpty off the ledge by hitting him on his right side. Once again, he will break in half and will have around eight score bubbles come out of him. If he doesn't crack open, walk up to him and hold R1 to grab him and then keep pressing X to pull him apart. Collect these score bubbles, and then try to jump from the ledge he was sitting on onto him and then onto the other ledge that has six more score bubbles. It is tough to do, though possible. Once you have collected all the score bubbles, continue forward.

Proceed through the hills, collecting the score bubbles, and then walk across the bridge. It will collapse, resulting in you falling down. Stand on the button and listen on how to kill yourself when you're stuck. Once you have killed yourself, you will respawn on the other side of the hole. It is possible to not fall by standing near the bridge, resulting in a Bird falling from a chain. You can then jump over the bridge and press R1 near the thing to grab onto it. Then, push the analog stick to the right, and let go of R1 once you are over the bridge and continue through the level.

Proceed down the hills, collecting the score bubbles, and then you will come to the Queen, who has some stickers for you. Collect the stickers and then jump on the red button to learn how to use stickers. Once you know how, open the Popit, select the Rainbow Shoe sticker, and put it on the right foot of the cardboard man to the right of the screen that told you how to use stickers. Flip the shoe sticker by pressing R3 and place it on the left foot. Then, select the Round Blue Body sticker and put it on the man's body. He will then start moving and will knock down a wall. Keep following the man until he stops, which will cause two beavers to throw a bunch of score bubbles at you. Collect them all and then go down the slope.

You will come to the Queen again. Beside her are items that can be used with the PlayStation Eye. Collect them all and then continue on. You will then come to the King yet again, who will tell you to finish the level by standing in front of the scoreboard to his right. Once you have done this, you will be done First Steps.

Get a Grip

Get a Grip follows First Steps. When you enter the level, head right to listen to the King who tells you to use R1 to move materials. Head forward and press R1 on the gold block, then push it forward so that it touches the brick wall. Jump onto the block and then onto the wall.

Fall off the wall and go to the block that has "R1" on it. Pull/push it to the left so that part of it is under the roof's overhang. Then, push/pull the green and yellow block so that it is beside the "R1" block. Now jump onto the smaller block and then onto the larger block and finally jump onto the roof. Head to the left and pick up the Prize Bubble. Continue to the left and jump over the gap to another roof, where another Prize bubble awaits you. Once you have gotten it, go back to the "R1" block and push/pull it to the right beside the brick wall, and then do the same for the smaller block. Jump onto the smaller block, then jump onto the larger block, and then jump onto the brick wall and continue to the right.

Here, push/pull the object to the brick wall on the right. Then, jump and grab the top-left area of the object so that the slope is in the air, allowing you to run up the slope onto the brick wall. Continue to the right and pick up the Prize Bubble, which will be a sticker. Open the Popit, select "Stickers & Decorations," and select the Tea Pot under the "Switch Triggers" header. Above you will be an imprint of a tea pot; use the sticker on it and you will be reward two more Prize Bubbles. You can't do anything with the star imprint yet, so continue to the right to the horse.

Pull the horse to the right and once he starts slowly sliding down the slope, jump onto him. However, try to not make him go very fast. Once you are under the Prize Bubble and score bubbles, slow the horse down by jumping off him and pulling him to the left; this is easier if you stand in front of him as he rolls down the hill and keep pushing him back. Grab the Prize Bubble, and then slowly push/pull the horse to the right. Set the horse beside the tree and then jump onto the horse and then jump right onto the tree. Continue along the tree and you'll see a Prize Bubble just below you; fall down into it to grab it. Once you have it, go back to the horse and pull him down the next slope and ride him until you hit a wall. Jump off him onto the ledge and then jump onto the next horse. Pull the horse to the right beside the wall and then jump onto the horse onto the wall. Jump off the wall and collect the score bubbles and continue on.

Push the little block to the right and jump onto it and then onto the half-pipe that holds four score bubbles. Push/pull the horse into the depression ahead, and then jump from the horse to the top area, collecting the score bubbles. Push the little green block to the right in the hole and then pull the horse over it. Ride the horse down the slope, though don't jump off him. Once the horse hits the wall, head to the left and collect three prize bubbles, then go back to the horse and jump onto the wall.

Jump off the wall and onto the ball in the air, holding R1 to grab it. Once you have grabbed it, push the analog stick to the right so that you're beside the next ball. Let go of R1 and then press it again quickly while still pushing the analog stick to the right to grab the next ball. Do this once again for the next ball and then once you're over the ledge, let go of R1 and continue to the right.

Get off the seesaw and grab the Prize Bubble on the ground. Then go back on the seesaw and head to the right. Jump onto the next seesaw and quickly grab the Prize Bubble on the right-side of the seesaw before it moves. Once you have it, continue to the left. Here, go to the left where all the small green and yellow blocks are. Push the very top one off and then jump up where it was and then jump to the left onto the tree. Grab the Prize Bubble, jump onto the next tree, and grab another Prize Bubble. Then head back to the right where the green and yellow blocks are and grab the ball, moving it to the right and letting go of R1 once you're above the slope. Continue up the slope and listen to the monkey-like thing. Jump onto the right-side of the seesaw so that the left-side rises, and then jump from the left-side onto the ball and move the ball to the left to grab a key. Once you have the key, continue to the right to reach the Queen.

The Queen will tell you how to place a tail decoration on the horse. Before you do that, go behind her for a Prize Bubble and then proceed to the right and collect the two Prize Bubbles. Next, open the Popit menu and select the "Stickers & Decorations" menu and go the second page that has the decorations. Select the Donkey Tail and put it anywhere on the horse. Collect the Prize Bubbles that appear behind him and then jump on top of the horse. Grab the ball on him and hold R1 and keep pressing X to pull him to the right. You'll reach a wall and a countdown will appear; when it reaches zero, you'll be in a race. Simply hold R1 on the ball and keep pulling the horse to make him go faster. Once you reach the finish line, you'll see a Prize Bubble on top of a mushroom. Jump from the horse to the top of the mushroom to grab it and then continue to the right to see the King and go in front of the scoreboard to complete the level, though you'll have to come back later once you get the Yellow Star sticker.

Tie Skipping

Tie Skipping is a mini-game. Here, you must jump over the king's tie as it spins. Doing so will increase your score and give you one score bubble for every jump over it. As you last longer, the tie will spin faster. As it spins faster, you have to do smaller jumps by lightly pressing X. The level ends once you die.

Note: It is possible to ace this level without dying, by not participating in the level. Instead, jump on the platform that leads you the mini game and then quickly jump out to activate the dissolving brick next to the scoreboard. Walk over to the scoreboard, to the left of the entry point to ace the level with zero points.

Skate to Victory

Skate to Victory follows Get a Grip, in this level you will voyage through a Scary Castle which have inside it Ghosts, traps and many obstacles. At the end of the level simply drag the front of the skateboard and jump on.

Castle Climb Challenge

Castle Climb Challenge is a mini-game where you will find many obstacles to reach the top of the castle.

Skateboard Freefall

Skateboard Freefall is a fun skateboarding game.You can always fall off on the skateboard and when you jump on the air you get massive speed

The Savannah

Swinging Safari

Swinging Safari is the first level that you reach in The Savannah. Newer players should just remember that R1(grab) will come in handy here.

Burning Forest

The key to open the Flaming seesaws minigame is located to the left of the start of the level.

Flaming Seesaws

Easy, Medium, and Hard.

The Meerkat Kingdom

Run to the right to go to an area where you place a sticker for a key to a mini-game

Tunnel Plunge

Race mini-game

Meerkat Bounce

Survival mini-game

The Wedding

The Wedding Reception

Walk through the skeleton head and jump when you get to the end.after that you pull on the yellow sponge and you will get points. Run and jump on the pink and turquoise "springs have sprung."

The Darkness

Drop down into the dark cave and you'll find a helpful dog with a light (Don Lu's Dog) to make things like spikes visible. He'll head towards you at all times, so if you want him to reverse, just hop over him and he'll reverse. You can ride him, too.

Ride the dog over the spikes, hopping off into the background to get item bubbles. At the dead end, hop off and pull down the ramp for your friend. Lead him away, then back and up the ramp to continue.

In the next area you'll have to ditch the dog on the upper level so he can light your way across the bottom. Hop across the platforms, and up the other side to meet your dog again—be sure to backtrack on the dog's level for an Item Bubble.

At the next dead end pull the lever to let your buddy up. Once he's up there, lead him back left for some Item Bubbles. Be sure not to continue riding your dog as he'll now fall into a trap door in the ground.

At the jaw elevators, there's a passage into the cliff wall to the right for another completely secluded Item Bubble.

Use the momentum from the top elevator to jump up and to the left to grab a skull hanging from the ceiling. With this you can swing left and grab an Item Bubble and the level's only Key (1/1).

The next area features bats and deadly spikes. It's pretty straightforward, just mind the Item Bubbles around. You'll have to leap for the skull to swing across the last few pits.

Pull the yellow skull block over for some Item Bubbles and a path up. There are some Item Bubble up and to the left in the dark here too. Leave the egg-shaped groom for now and hop out onto the chained skulls. To the upper left is the x2 Area.



This area is tough since it's mostly obscured by darkness. There are more Item Bubbles than initially meets the eye. One person must yank the skull down, while the other must jump up and grab the light.

The person with the light may go over and nab the Item Bubbles, jumping back over the spikes. Better yet, the player on the ground can progress over the rising and falling spikes with the help of the light.

Hop from the light to the button in the inner chamber, allowing your partner to enter the room and grab all the goodies.

He or she can then jump up and over the partition via the piled boxes to the red button area, and you can both swing back to the entrance of the area. That's six more Item Bubbles in the collection!


Back at the skull chains, swing across to the lever and pull it.

Pull the groom to the right, through the open door. There is a button here you can use to launch the groom up onto the higher level. This can also be used by two people to access more Item Bubbles above in the second x2 area.



You'll now have to leave you egg-shaped friend and work your way out of the cave.

Drop into the background when the second elevator is in its bottom position for the stone-locked Item Bubble. These elevators have spikes, so using the momentum they give you for jumps is difficult.

Hop up to the left off the elevators for a skull/chain pully up to the Sticker Spot (1/1). Slap the Pixel Skull sticker on the spots when they come to a rest. Your reward this time is a whopping two Item Bubbles.

After that, you can hop across the elevators and into a scary situation. The monster here can't hurt you for now...

Head up the ramps to the exit.

Bubble Labyrinth

Race mini-game


At the end of the previous level, Frida the Bride releases a deadly Skulldozer into the caves. In this level, you must simply stay ahead of the Skulldozer, while jumping to gain prize bubbles. You must also take caution, seeing as there are some pools of Horrible Gas near the middle and end parts of the level. A double-life checkpoint will float above you through the level. At the end, Frida and Don Lu realize it is simply a misunderstanding. They decide to honeymoon in the Canyons, home of Don Lu's Uncle Jalapeño. She invites you to join, thus ending the Wedding.

The Canyons

Boom Town

Boom Town is the first of Uncle Jalepeno's levels. You have to rescue him from Sheriff Zapata's jail so he can teach you about explosives.

When Frida drops you off, go right and you'll get two Mexican themed costumes. There is also a Prize Bubble a little back to the left; you have to leap from the platform that extends from Frida's heart transport to get it. Carry on right and you'll have to leap across wobbly platforms to avoid hitting the cacti; you might need to practice the timing a little if you want to "ace" this part. When you drop down a prize bubble is hiding behind a cactus to the left. Go right and you'll see a stack of sponges. Gently push them right up to the semi-circular cacti, then abruptly pull them back left so they fall to the right, letting you jump over. They may land oddly, so try and level them off before jumping.

Next you come to an uphill climb. A button sets off some trigger explosives; stay where you are, for a flaming boulder rolls down afterwards. Leap over it when it stops and climb up the next slope. Press the switch, and then jump back to the lower layer as two boulders fall down. If you want the score bubbles, you can wait for the first to roll and then jump up and stand in front of the hole in the wall along the second slope; the second boulder will bounce over you. Carry on up and go up the third slope, hit the switch and leg it down; hiding either under the lip of the ledge with the button on or running back onto the second slope, because another big boulder will roll down. It'll hit the cow and knock it down; if you want to can jump down and get the Prize Bubble and the key (unlocks "Cowabunga" minigame.) Carry on up the third slope.

OPTIONAL: Two player challenge; along the third slope you can jump down near the two-player sign. There's an impact explosive dispenser and a brightly coloured strip. Have one player grab the left of the strip and push it down to the right; it will catch on an indent lower down and stay there as a slope. Then, have the same player go down an activate the check point, and grab the right of the right-most polystyrene mine cart to stop them both moving. The other player should then carefully pull an impact explosive down the slope and into the right-most mine cart (not the left one.) Warning: this is extremely difficult! It may take many tries to perfect! You may have to wriggle and push the explosive or carts to roll it into the right one. Then have a player grab the right side of the right-most cart and pull it to the right over the gap, and the other player grab the left. The right side player should keep tapping PlayStationX.svg, and you should pull up onto the next platform along with the other player. Keep pulling/pushing it up the slope until you hit a barrier. Keep the player holding the right side grabbing it so it doesn't roll down and the other player can pull the two-way switch. Let go of the cart so it goes up the new slope. When it's all the way up, pull the switch back and jump over the gap again. Repeat with the other cart, but this time it should be a little easier. When you let it go up the slope on the right, this time, when it gets about half way up, pull the two-way switch back so the slope closes back up. The cart will move to the other side. When they're both in place (one should be up on the left, the other on the right) press the red switch. The explosives should detonate and collapse the floor of the bank, releasing lots of Score and Prize Bubbles. If some get stuck, keep raising/lowering the slope to free them. Again: this challenge is very tough! Be patient. Go back to the start and push the strait wall down near the checkpoint over the cacti. You can get back this way, or you can just go back up where the impact explosives are.

There is an easier way to get the 2x challenge in this level. Ignore the 2x sign and continue. When you reach the buildings, detonate the first set. Then go to the ground again and enter the destroyed building on your right. Keep going and you will find yourself pushing a large pack of explosives. Place them in front of the bank, half of them in front of each set of bubbles. Then, go back again and detonate them (you have to climb up the stairs again) The bubbles will fall. Then you only have to go back again to the 2x challenge, push a cart and grab it to cross (maybe you can do it simply jumping over it). Use the switch to let the bubbles come to you. Probably some bubbles will be in the hole on the left (if you weren't fast enough), so you will have to fall into it (and die) in order to get them.
Up the slope will bring you to some buildings. Climb up the explosives and then detonate to create a way up. You should be shot upwards, and if you land in the background there should be two tower like things. Well, not anymore, because you probably blew them up when you landed, but there's a few prize bubbles that swing down. Then, if you can make it, try and leap onto the giant red Pináta to get it as a prize bubble. Carry on over the Bank; if you did the two player challenge earlier the inside should be empty; and go up the slope to the right (which there is something hiding behind, too.) Then, Sherif Zapata will come and taunt you, saying your close to where Jalapéno's being held. Hit the switch and a rocket will pop out. Jump on its back and grab the sponge; you'll fly up the ramp and land outside the jail. If you did it right, you'll also pop the Prize Bubble containing the rocket. Continue right, dodging falling scorpions as you go. Then, a mysterious creature will come an kidnap Frida and Don Lu! Carry on right.

OPTIONAL: Push the sponge up to the explosives on wheels. Jump on the explosives, then on the sponge. Carry on right and you'll see some swinging bird shapes. If you have the orange bird sticker, place it on each of the shapes to get 6 prizes. If you miss a bird and stamp the danger sign in the background, though, bombs will rain from the ceiling and kill you! You'll then have to start again...

Grab the wheeled explosives and pull them left, avoiding the scorpions. You can use them as a ledge to get the prize bubbles on the cliff before you reach the jail again. When you do reach it, stand by the door for detonation! Jalapéno will be freed and you can nab the prize bubbles before dropping down.

Jalapeño will teach you about impact explosives. Pick one up, and gently carry it right using the Jetpack, around the cliffs. When you see the polystyrene shapes below two prize bubbles, drop the bomb and slowly blast a way through. You need at least two bombs, usually three. Get the next jetpack.

OPTIONAL: Two player challenge; get the next explosives but carry one backwards a little. Just below where you blew up the polystyrene barrier is a little strip on sponge. Blow it up! Then, you can enter the two-player zone. One player goes left, the other, right. The player on the right has to pick up a bomb and gently roll it down the gap where the toxic gas is to the left side. Then, press the button so the other player can get through. The left player can then use the right player's bombs to blast a way through. At the bottom are lots of prize bubbles. Pull the lever and exit through the right on the jetpacks to get out.

Pick up the explosives and carefully carry them past the three poking spikes. This is extremely difficult, be careful! You need at least two bombs; try and drop the first one centre-right on the blockage, and swing the second bomb to the right. If you just drop them straight down, you need three. Carry on through the gap and Jalapéno will ask you to get on a minecart. Grab the Prize Bubbles, and ride the cart all the way down to the end!

The Mines

Roller Run Easy, Medium, and Hard

Three obstacle course levels of progressive difficulty. In these levels you finds yourself attempting to make it to the end of the spinning wheels quickly, while also scoring points.

Puzzle Wheel

Race mini-game

Serpent Shrine

The Metropolis


In the level Lowrider, you have to drive to the scrap heap and jump thorough the machinery. Make sure to avoid the electrical hazards. At the end, you race with Ze Dude, who escapes into the subway, ending the level. If you ace this level, you will get the Dinosaur tail as a reward.

The Drag Race

Race mini-game.


Through this level, you should be careful not to fall. If you ace this level, you will get the Sock Puppet as a reward.


The Construction Site

If you ace this level, you will get the Dinosaur Head as a reward.

The Discombobulator

Run on the conveyor belt and dodge the obstacles that will come at you. The level ends when you die.

The Islands

Endurance Dojo


This minigame is basically jumping on the Daruma dolls and getting to the finish line as fast as you can.

Sensei's Lost Castle

You have to take back the grandmaster sensei's castle from the Terrible Oni

Wheel of Misfortune

Survival challenge/minigame

Roller Castle

Race mini-game

The Terrible Oni's Volcano

In this level you go into Terrible Oni's volcano and fight him.

The Temples

The Dancer's Court

Elephant Temple

The elephant temple is an obstacle course of a level.

The Shifting Temple

Race mini-game

Pillar Jumping

Survival mini-game

Great Magician's Palace

Fire Pits

Race mini-game

The Wilderness

The Frozen Tundra

If you ace this level, you will get the Neon Eyes as a reward.

Spline Rider

A minigame where you ride a sled and race your way to the finish. The level is a pun on the popular web-game Linerider. When in the air, make sure you balance the sled in order to stay alive, tilt the stick and tap X to level out. If you land upside-down, you may get electrified by the dangerous parts of the slope. If you go fast enough, there is an uphill climb with many score bubbles. When reaching the end, you'll travel at breakneck speeds, so much so that the game "lags" a little when ending.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a level that mostly c1onsists of avoiding electric obstacles. If you ace this level, you will get the Neon Helmet as a reward.

Rotor Tubes

A minigame where you have to race your way through several rotor tubes .

The Collector's Lair

Jetpack Tunnel

In Jetpack Tunnel, you must drop through a hole leading you to a contest type area where you must dodge obstacles while the cave you are hovering in, using the jetpack item, is moving without you. This is an endurance type of bonus game which means that all you have to do is stay in and stay alive until you lose. You are then transported to an end level monitor.

The Collector

The last level of the game; chase down The Collector and defeat his robots.

Have fun with completing the game!