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LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack is an original DLC Level Kit for LittleBigPlanet 2. It contains new functionality such as the Wormhole, the Remote Tag Sensor, and the ability to play LBP2 on your PlayStation Vita.


Sackboy is flying through space when suddenly his ship malfunctions and ends us falling towards San Crispin Prison. Meanwhile inside the prison a band of pirates: Captain Wiseduck, Tom and Wiggins are thinking of a way to escape. Suddenly Sackboy's ship crashes into their cell causing the door to break and sounding the alarms. Wiseduck plans to steal the Treasure Map from Warden Crumb, so he gives Sackboy a Digital First Mate and tells him to meet them at the Warden's Office.

Once in the office Sackboy realises it's a trap and Warden Crumb announces that he's going to use the map to destroy the treasure on the planet Dubloon. Sackboy's Digital First Mate allows the gang to escape and they head off to Dubloon.

On the way to the planet their ship begins to run out of power. They spot a Barn-Ship called the SS Bumpkin and sneak onboard, navigating to the main deck where they meet Captain Wiseduck's old friend Beaky Clucksworth. He takes them the rest of the way to Dubloon.

Now on Dubloon, Sackboy finds his way to the treasure chest but inside is none other than Warden Crumb himself. Sackboy and Crumb fight it out in space with Crumb piloting a giant mech and Sackboy riding a chicken. Once defeated Crumb is stuffed into an escape pod and fired into space. The pirates give Sackboy a new ship and Tom reveals he put all the treasure, for safe keeping, into the same escape pod they just fired out into space.


Playable Levels

  • Ram Raider (Cutscene)
  • Escape from San Crispin
  • Breakdown (Cutscene)
  • Hen-o-morph Encounter
  • The Pleasure of Treasure
  • Jailing Time! A Robot Warden Appears - Boss Level
  • The Letter ARGH! (cutscene)
  • Space Spinner - Side Level
  • Poultry Panic - Side Level


New Items


  • Tag Radar


  • Air Vent
  • Cables
  • Camera Lens Grip
  • Divot Metal Tile
  • Farmship Floor
  • Hazard Painted Metal
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Holographic Metal
  • Hot Metal
  • Metal Grating
  • Metal Slats
  • Metal Wall Panels 1
  • Metal Wall Panels 2
  • Metal Wall Panels 3
  • Riveted Panels
  • Rusty Metal
  • Rusty Tracks
  • Shutter Tile
  • Solar Panels
  • Space Suit
  • Steel & Rubber Grip Floor
  • Steel Plate
  • Straw
  • Tarnished Metal
  • Vita Touch Material





  • Holo-suit
  • Space Pirate Captain
  • Space Warden
  • Space Pilot
  • Space Suit


  • Spaceship Background


  • 'Escape from San Crispin' by Winifred Phillips
  • 'Hen-o-morph Encounter' by Winifred Phillips
  • 'The Pleasure of Treasure' by Winifred Phillips

Sound Objects

  • Cross-Controller


  • "Final Frontier" - Ace all the Cross-Controller levels.
  • "Bounty Hunter" - Grab all the Prize Bubbles in Story Mode.
  • "In Space..." - Complete the Cross-Controller Pack story.
  • "Astrophysicist" - Complete all the Cross-Controller Pack Tutorials
  • "Unidentified Feathered Object" - Hatch and catch 10 Golden Chickens in Poultry Panic.
  • "Never Tell Me The Odds" - Perform a perfect run in Space Spinner.
  • "Jeffries Tubes" - Play 5 Community Cross-Controller Levels.
  • "Red Shirt" - Play one or more Cross-Controller Story Levels with a friend.
  • "Captain's Chair" - Use a Vitanator in a level you create.
  • "Einstein-Rosen Bridger" - Use a Wormhole in a level you create.
  • "Sensor Array" - Use a Remote Tag Sensor in a level you create.
  • "Ground Control" - Use a Tag Radar in a level you create.
  • "Giant Steps" - Go for a Spacewalk.


  • The pack is not usable in the PS4 version of LittleBigPlanet 3 due to compatibility issues. Instead, the developers released the Sci-Fi Pack, which contains all the collectible items and is free if you brought the Cross-Controller Pack.
  • This is the first DLC to be developed by Sumo Digital, who would go on to take over the franchise after Media Molecule.
  • This pack has the most collectable prizes out of any level kit available.
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