Late To The Party! is the last scene of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, located in Jackpot City.


The MegaBrain: Ahhh, thank you! It's a relief to have that evil thing gone! I used to be such a happy all-powerful MegaBrain!

I sent Marianne's crate up to Spooky Mansion with all the others. If you hurry, you can still save her.

The crate transporter will take you straight there.

But it will be dangerous. Do you have anyone you can rely on?

Sean Brawn: Give it up, you mega brain.

Your evilnees is no match for the awesome power of Sean Brawn.

The MegaBrain: Oh no, not you again!

Sean Brawn: Silence, brainling! I will not stand for anym... Oh, did we win already?

The MegaBrain: Do you think you'll ever get to a battle on time, Sean?

Sean Brawn: That depens. Do you think you'll ever... um...

Uh... let me see... brain... something cool...

Ooh I got one...!

The MegaBrain: Sean I've prepared a special crate just for you.

Run along now.

Sean Brawn: Ok, but this isn't over!

The MegaBrain: Mwuh-ha-ha-ha

Sean Brawn: Hey this IS a special crate!

I always wanted to... Ooh, hello!

What a beauty you are!

Sackboy, I have a great feeling about this trip.

It's going to be magnificent.

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