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King Croc, as seen in Burning Forest

King Croc is a character in LittleBigPlanet who is a giant crocodile and, apparently, the king of all other Crocodiles. Burning Forest seems to be his realm from where he rules over.

He is seen on two occasions: first on the second level of the Savannah, Burning Forest, where baby Meerkats are attacking him due to Meerkat Mum accusing him of eating Stripy Tail, though he claims to be innocent. He is later proved to be telling the truth in The Meerkat Kingdom, where Stripy Tail turns out to be merely at a disco. His second appearance is in The Collector's Lair where you can rescue him to gain him as a item for create mode. He is in the cage before Zola. Here, he wears a small crown on his head. He will hop away, saying "thanks buddy!" when freed.