King Bogoff is the Creator Curator of The Kingdom of Crablantis in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Personality & Appearance

King Bogoff is manipulative sales-crab that will try to sell to everyone and anyone. He hoards a wide array of the ocean's treasure and seems picky about which ones are valuable or for sale. Though not a villain by any means, he doesn't seem particularly caring about Sackboy, mainly seeing him as a means to an end to stop Vex.

He lives in a lavish palace with hundreds of crab guards. In Highs And Glows and Squid Goals, it can be seen that Bogoff has a number of prisoners in his dungeons, again showing that he might not really be that nice of a ruler.

King Bogoff is primarily composed of worn, red metal. He wears a scribbled moustache and the golden crown he wears sprouts two eyes from the middle. Connected by springs, they are a light blue in colour with purple sockets. He also wears a live, purple rodent or ferret-like creature around his neck like a fur. This creature is adorned with multiple watches and has a string for a tail which it keeps locked its mouth in order to not fall off its owner.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

King Bogoff was busy searching in his Emporium of Flotsam & Jetsam when Sackboy arrived. He assumes that Sackboy is a customer before realising he's here for Vex. He's upset that Vex has stolen his many goods and informs Sackboy that he is going to rob the ocean of its tides as well. King Bogoff gives Sackboy the Grappling Hook (or as he calls it, a swingamajig).

Soon after Sackboy meets with him again, this time he says he'll take Sackboy on the greatest large scale operation to do some salvaging. While salvaging, King Bogoff and Sackboy are chased by a very large angler fish called Big Moe.

In Light At The Museum, he accuses Sackboy of stealing a Dreamer Orb. But in The Deep End he says that they'll call it even only if Sackboy gets rid of Vex for him.

He makes appearances in the following levels:


  • King Bogoff's name is derived from the acronym BOGOF, meaning Buy One Get One Free, referencing his salesman personality. "Bog Off" is also slang for telling someone to leave.
  • Although the ferret-like creature around his neck is not specified as a character in its own right, Bogoff is technically the first Curator to made up of two living entities.


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