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Paper Arrow kart

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Karts are vehicles and the main aspect of LittleBigPlanet Karting. The bodies of the kart varies but other parts such as Suspensions and Tires are optional similar to the player's character.


The Hoards use karts to steal Craftworld's prized possessions. As Sackboy watches and trying to fight them, One Hoard riding a Paper Arrow attempts to ram him but hits a Mushroom Tree and gets him burnt in a fire pit. Sackboy then decides to aboard the kart that it's previous driver was on, and prepares to fight back the Hoard but is in need for Karting Lessons.

List of Karts

Here are a list of Karts unlock from each world:

The Gardens

Paper Arrow: A simple basic design kart made out of paper, it's default tires are Sponge and it's default steering wheel is Button. It's a starter Kart.

Paper Bike: A bike made out of paper, it features a sidecar. Despite being a bike, it has a steering wheel and has no capability of leaning when turning. Sackbots can be seen driving these vehicles unless they are in a level that restricts the players into one kart only. A CPU-Controlled Chip can be sen driving it.

Tin Toy: An orange car of what it appears to be a wind-up car. it's default tires is soda cans. it is unlock in Garden Grip. A CPU-Controlled Alvin can be seen driving it in its Monster suspension. A CPU-Controlled Sacksphere can be seen driving it in it's default suspension.

Skull: A kart that is a skull with a little lip gloss and a flower on it's head. The wheels are made out of candles. A CPU-controlled The Bride can been seen driving this kart.

Mayan: A kart that is shaped like an ancient Mayan head.

Safety First: A kart that is comprised of a Miner's helmet as a body.

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