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Irene is a character from LittleBigPlanet 3, and she owns a diner in Manglewood, Bunkum.


Irene can be found deep in the Manglewood Swamps, at the door to her dinner, where she cries out for help in feeding her giant pet bunny Matilda, which alledegdly needs to be fed. If Sackboy decides to help her and head into her diner, she'll reveal that she actually lied to them and actually intends to feed Sackboy to Maltilda. She grinds Sackboy into several smaller Sackboys and forces them to make it through her diner in order to reach Matilda. When Sackboy reaches Matilda, she's fed and they're allowed to leave the diner. From there on, Irene will show gratitude whenever Sackboy passes by her diner in Manglewood.



Irene has a burger for head, and oven timers for eyes. With a diner outfit and hat, Irene also has a stick, a pin and an order note in her head. Her body is similar to that of a sackperson, which suggestes her origins.


As an insignificant character, Irene has little known personality. However, her single action suggests that she is a sneaky individual, and has no trouble in lying, and is ruthless and rather selfish. On the other hand she shows how grateful she is after Sackboy feeds Matilda.