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The infection.

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Invasion of the Body Invaders is the fifth and final level of Eve's Asylum, serving as the boss level. In the level, the player must exterminate The Infection that is in Dr. Herbert Higginbotham. At the begining of the level, there is a cut scene of Eve shrinking down Sackboy in a bug-like machine. Once in the mouth, Eve instructs the player how to use the machine to exterminate The Infection, by grabbing white blood cells in its jaws and shooting them out at the pink infections. Once the player goes out of the mouth, there are two walls of infection that must be dealt with, when cleared, one will lead to three prize bubble and the other will lead to the brain, where the main Infection is. Once there, the player will fight The Infection. The Infection itself moves around and will go to the center of the area and surround itself with purple goop. When enough damage is dealt, The Infection splits into two, smaller versions of itself, until there are four viruses in the area. Once the last four are killed, the player can go to the scoreboard and end the level.


It isn't confirmed, but the name of the level might be a pun on the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".