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A player who selects the hook hat in level Masque Maker's Tower.

The Hook Hat is a Power-Up that enables a Sackperson to ride on hooks, first introduced inLittleBigPlanet 3. You obtain this Power-Up in 'Go Loco', a level in The Ziggurat. Use R1 to grab on to the rails, and use the left stick to move your Sackperson.

You can obtain a sticker of the Hook Hat in the level The Great Escape.


  • Despite its name, it looks more like a racing helmet. 
  • When LittleBigPlanet 3 was first released, the Hook Hat icon was broken in the Sackbot tweak menu, showing an icon of a grey box, that displayed text saying "FIX ME HOOK HAT".[1] One day a Sumo Digital employee came in with the mentioned icon on a shirt, prompting Sumo Digital to release a "FIX ME HOOK HAT" T-Shirt DLC for Sack-thing to wear.[2]


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