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Create new levels or upgrade current ones with new building materials based on characters throughout history!
— PlayStation Store description

The History Level Kit is a downloadable bundle of stickers, decorations, and other goodies, all about history! It was originally released for LittleBigPlanet.


Step Through Time

This level offers Sackboy  a stroll across the pages of history as he collects dozens upon dozens of prizes!



  • Pantheon Background


  • Antique Maps
  • Arabian Tiles
  • Eqyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Cave Painting
  • Tapestry


  • 140 stickers


  • Ancient Greek Plate
  • Aztec Mask
  • Celtic Brooch
  • Chinese Mask
  • Egyptian Scarab
  • Egyptian Stele
  • Gothic Support
  • Laurel Wreath
  • Mayan Mask
  • Native American Totem Pole
  • Persian Brooch
  • Persian Griffon Pedestal
  • Roman Plaque


  • Chinese Bell
  • Egyptian Mask
  • Ancient Greek Vase
  • Gargoyle



  • caveman
  • clock ticking
  • clock tick*
  • dinosaur
  • dinosaur baby
  • map unfurl
  • marching*
  • match light
  • mud pit*
  • quill pen*
  • stampede*
  • sword draw
  • time warp


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