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This is a minigame found in Got the Hump, a level in Avalonia.

How to Play

When you enter the level, you will be in an animal that looks similar to the MechaPup in Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy (level). There will be four circles around you that will soon have powerups. 

List of powerups:

  • Green: Extra Health
  • Blue: Shield
  • Orange: Double Bullets!

Note: When you shoot, you only have one bullet until you get the orange powerup (above).

As soon as you start the game, there will be tiny triangles coming out of holes. You have to shoot them for points. Later, giant triangles will come that shoot at you. It gets tough when there's a bunch of triangles shooting at you at the same time. When you lose all your lives, you go to an area close to the scoreboard with boxes. The boxes give you prizes, depending on if you have enough points to receive them. Then you get on the scoreboard, where the winner's picture will dance around on the scoreboard.

Tips And Tricks

  • If you want to get the prizes in the 5000 point box, I recommend getting four players and having them on the circles and spinning around and shooting. (If you shoot your buddies, they won't die.) 
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