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Goalissimo (known in Europe as Brazilian Whacks) is the last Survival Challenge in LittleBigPlanet PSP, and is one of the two Side-Levels of The Carnival.

In this survival challenge, you push a slider with two soccer players on it. Who hit soccer balls into a goal, and every time they score a waterfall of Score Bubbles appears. However, there is a goalie who tries to block the balls too. On the left side, there is a timer with a red dot on the left and a hand that moves clockwise, if the hand reaches the red dot or the goalie scores, the ground will vanish and you will fall to the Scoreboard.

Unlike most survival challenges, but not unlike Out Foxed, the survival challenge of Golden Sands, if you fail, you do not die, the only two ways to do so is using the Hold to Retry option in the Popit or grabbing the wall in the soccer player's room and falling, as there is some Horrible Gas in it.



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