Go Loco is a level in The Ziggurat in LittleBigPlanet 3.

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Use the Hook Hat to zip your way to the head of the great mechanical dragon! Toggle's Marble awaits in its eye socket.


Papal Mache has given Sackboy the new Hook Hat! Toggle's marble is in a eye socket of a large steampunk dragon, and you have to overcome many obstacles on the dragon, this incudes firey coals, large spinning flares, jumping mechanical beast and beast on rails. When Sackboy gets inside the dragon, it isn't too bad, but when he goes to the first outside part of the dragon, blastoff! The dragon is powered by many gears and cogs, and seems to have many letters inside, almost like it was a post office machine, sending mail. Many prizes require the Boost Boots from Masque Maker's Tower in Bunkum Lagoon. When Sackboy reaches the head of this large dragon, he pulls a switch causing it to open it's eye socket and Sackboy was able to get a marble.

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