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Gerald Strudleguff is an explorer and wildlife enthusiast who Sackboy first meets in The Soaring Summit. In The Gathering Storm, it is revealed he works for I.C.K. or "The Institute of Craftworld Knowledge".

Personality & Appearance

Gerald is a mild-mannered, well-meaning adventurer who is travelling Craftworld cataloguing its wildlife.

He appears very enthusiastic about his studies, however he also seems a bit clueless and his findings often need to be taken with a pinch of salt. A running gag through the game is that he doesn't know what a Dreamer Orb is, often mistaking it for a long list of alternative world-specific objects.

Gerald appears to be a vegetal character, with a body composed of what looks like a green gourd and plenty of leafy features. He has purple arms and wears blue fingerless gloves. He also wears tan explorer gear and a large hat with numerous Pin-like badges. Along with a pair of metallic, gold goggles he also carries a colour coordinated magnifying glass.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Gerald himself has little impact on the overall story of the game. The majority of his incidental encounters can be completely missed.

Sackboy first meets Gerald in Have You Herd?, where creatures he calls "Scootles" have broken free of their pens. He asks Sackboy to herd them up again.

At the end of the game Gerald arrives at the party in Loom with the other curators to celebrate Sackboy saving Craftworld and becoming a member of the Knitted Knights.

He makes appearances in the following levels, primarily giving Sackboy one of the level's collectable Dreamer Orbs.

  • Have You Herd?
  • Sticking With It
  • The Home Stretch
  • Bubble Jeopardy
  • Eelectro Swing
  • Boot Up Sequence
  • This Way Up
  • Keep It Tidey
  • Doom & Bloom
  • Vexpiration Date - (during ending cutscene)

He also appears after the credits have rolled and introduces the player to the sixth world in the game, The Wonderplane.

The Gathering Storm

Gerald also makes a brief appearance on Scarlet's adventure to find her friend. After Scarlet scared away a gang of Squiggles, the two chat about a potential disturbance in the Imagisphere. Scarlet knows his job and the two speak freely, insinuating the two are already friends, or at least acquaintances.


  • One of the badges on Gerald's hat is an Illuminati icon, emphasizing his conspiracy theorist nature.
  • Gerald's fascination with wildlife and Australian accent seem to pay homage to the late Steve Irwin, a well known Australian zookeeper and wildlife expert.
  • Although considered a minor character he technically has the most in-level appearances of any secondary character in the game.
  • The Gathering Storm actually misspells Gerald's name, referring to him as Gerald "Struddleguff", with an extra D.
  • Gerald narrated the Sackboy: A Big Adventure Story Trailer released on 9th October 2020. At the time many people assumed he was the new narrator of the games replacing Stephen Fry.