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Four Chums Head To Craftworld is the fourth to last cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3, located in Bunkum Lagoon.


Newton: Come chums! Let's get out of here!

We're doomed, dear friends!


Captain Pud: Newton?

Newton: Papa?

Captain Pud: What did say about the Titans, Newton?

Newton: I don't remember there being a strict rule...

Captain Pud: Newton!

We'll continues this at home.

Come! Let us return to Stitchem Manor!

That should hold them!

Bunkum is forever in your debt. As too am I, on my slim-witted son.

Now, Newton, how are you getting on with that Dimensional Doorway?

Newton: As good as new!

Are you sure you don't want me to come with you all? I'm sure I'd be a great help!

I know a few jokes!

I hope Craftworld is ready for the four of you!

...and then Papa, I approached the third Titan fearlessly. I ably navigated the belly of the beast,

before planting an explosive device deep in its gullet.

Narrator: So dear LittleBigPlanetian,

as Newton tries in vain to rewrite the events we have just witnessed with our own peppers,

we sat farewell to our brave band of friends. Heroes who worked together to put things right.

We saw one become several, bonded together in the noble crusade of creating and sharing.

And we were reminded there are so many like minded thinkers up here,

sailing the ever expanding astral tides of the Imagisphere.

Every one of us emits thoughts, notions and dreams

and by connecting with others we can make a better reality in this, our own world.

This celestial plain of potential.

This stellar collective of wide eyed wanderers and wonderers.

This LittleBigPlanet.

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