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Fossil Fight is the sixth playable and last level in Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves and is located in Prehistoric Land. You now head face to face with Evil Big Rex, it's time to see who'll be the king of the Jurassic period. After pulling Evil Big Rex's tail enough, feeding him enough indigestible berries and smacking his brain three times, Evil Big Rex will be no more! You and Terrence Dactyl celebrate as the game ends.



In the Beginning of the Level, Evil Big Rex will appear and say "ROAR", Terrence Dactyl Tells Sackboy to defeat Evil Big Rex by pulling its tail enough, and drop indigestible berries into his "Gullet" and the Fight Begins.

1st Phase

In the First Part of the Fight, Evil Big Rex will walk towards Sackboy through left or right, so he could chump him, Sackboy Manages to Grab Evil Big Rex's tail, letting the PS Move User to press the Pterodactyls to drop indigestible berries into his mouth, the fight will switch to the Volcano erupting in the Background, causing flaming Balls to drop down apon Sackboy, the PS Move User had touch the flaming Balls to explode in order to Help Sackboy, this happens Three times, and the 2 of the Bounching Platforms That Sackboy is on, will fall apart.

2nd Phase

In the Second and Final Part, Evil Big Rex will shoot Fireballs at Sackboy to the left and right, Sackboy jumps on Evil Big Rex's Brain Three times, and His Face exploded.

The End

After Defeating Evil Big Rex, Terrence Dactyl Brings a Platform, to Escape the Flaming Volcano, and back to the Peaceful Land that Prehistoric Land was, and the Game Ends.



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