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Fort Guards are minor characters in the LittleBigPlanet 3 story mode. They guard the Marble in the fort in High Stakes Heist, their orders being issued by the Head Guard.



  • They are both voiced by John Guerrasio.
  • They both have the same costume, personality and voice actor. the only thing that sets them apart are their voices.
  • Guard 1 has a gibberish voice in the Magic Mouth, but for some reason Guard 2 does not. He is the only LBP3 story character not to have one apart from El Jeff and the Head Guard.
  • His body has a casino thing for a head, and I' ve been to many levels to know that this means the guard costumes are for Toggle.
  • They were originally going to be Regal Wolves, which are now available in-game as a costume that can be bought from Zom-Zom.