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After arriving in Ziggurat, there is one link available to enter the labyrinth to get one of Toggle's Marbles. Now you are at the gateway to the labyrinth, and what is this? Down is up and up is down! After navigating through the labyrinth, there is a dead end. It is time for the Blink Ball to aid! But Papal Mache's head is full of sand, so he has forgotten how to use it. And then, he remembers! You cross the big gap, and there is the Marble! You pull a switch to obtain it, and then the Marble runs off! Now you are chasing it through a labyrinth full of puzzles, to reach journey's end.

Prizes ==





End-Level Prizes

Level Complete

  • Laroca - Brassic (Audio Track)
  • Leather Book (Material)
  • Bear Head (Sticker)


  • Melted Candle (Decoration)
  • Candle Flame (Decoration)
  • Antique Microscope (Decoration)

Ace Level

  • Marble (Object)
  • Old Open Book (Decoration)
  • Epic Ginger Beard (Sticker)
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