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First Steps is the second playable level in LittleBigPlanet and is located in the Gardens. It introduces the player to many basic gameplay characteristics. In this level you are introduced to The King, the Creator Curator of The Gardens, along with his wife, The Queen.



  • Rainbow Shoe
  • Henry Face
  • Round Blue Body
  • Photo Frame
  • Circle Frame
  • Mouth Frame
  • Square Frame
  • Speech Bubble Frame
  • Red Star Frame
  • Body Outline Frame
  • Elizabethan Doublet
  • White Ruff
  • Fancy Moustache
  • Bonnet
  • Black and White Photo Frame
  • Elizabethan Dress
  • Elizabethan Trousers
  • Elizabethan Hat

Level Complete Goodies

  • Big Kiss
  • Bunny Ears

All Goodies Collected

  • The Gardens Concept
  • The Gardens Concept with Frame

Level Aced Goodies

  • Pirate Hook
  • Pirate Eyepatch


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