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Multiplayer Prize Bubble Sections

  • one x2 area

    The level logo.

  • one x3 area

Level Walkthrough:

When you come out, you will see a Sticker Switch activated by the Gold Apple Sticker. This gives you a Creatinator that shoots bounce pads out to get you to all the secret spots to get other prize bubbles. Later, just go jumping in the Bounce Pads until you get out of the cave. When you get out, pick up the Grappling Hook and swing using the sponges that will come. In the next room you will have to swing a bit more using the sponges but be careful! The sponges will keep going down until a point that they will be on fire. Later just use the bounce pads along with the grappling hook to get score bubbles and go to the second part of the level.



  • Blond Moustache
  • Impressionist Motif 5
  • Lady with Apple Painting
  • Owl Face
  • Patterned Leaf
  • Poplar
  • Snarling Mouth
  • Vampire Kid
  • Badger
  • Big Ear
  • Cell 4
  • Clown Fish
  • Eve House
  • Fingerprint---Green
  • Green-Blue Triangle
  • Hooded Head
  • Impressionist Flower
  • Red Apple
  • Square---Green
  • Woman's Head
  • Yellow Sun Doodle


  • Fabric Flower---Pink
  • Torn Paper
  • Fabric Leaf---Dark
  • Fabric Leaf---Light
  • Golden Apple Stem
  • Paper Plane


  • Gold Leaf
  • Ruled Paper
  • Geometric Grey
  • Green Oil-Painted


  • Flower Lamp
  • Perfume Bottle Top
  • Golden Stand


  • 'Honor'


  • Waterlily Eyes
  • Waterlily Dress
  • Waterlily Hair
  • Waterlily Shoes

Level Complete

  • Costume: Vincent Hat
  • Costume: Vincent Skin
  • Music: 'Infotain Me' Audio

Collect All

  • Sticker: Eve Ego
  • Sticker: Plant Tangle

Aced Level

  • Costume: Flower Moustache
  • Costume: Planet Deely-Boppers
  • Costume: Vincent Flower


  • The name is a pun on the saying "Time flies when you're having fun".