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Explosives are a form of danger. There are three main types, Impact, Trigger and Timed. Explosives are first and mainly found in The Canyons, but are also used in The Wilderness.


Impact explosives explode upon contact with the landscape or the players Sack person and will clear out anything in its blast radius, except things that won't explode (metal, stone, etc.). However, if the players Sack person picks it up carefully, it will not detonate unless coming in contact with another material very quickly. They can be useful for dropping on Sackpeople or for carrying with a jetpack to clear obstacles. Despite it's usual uses it can be triggered with a switch.



Triggered Explosive

Trigger explosives are explosives that explode when activated by a switch. They can be useful for blowing up objects from safe distance, but also as traps.


Timed explosives, once triggered, go off when two arrowheads (one stationary, one in motion) meet on the explosive. This enables Sack person to push the explosive to a specified target or simply run away. They are used in the Serpent Shrine in the battle with Sheriff Zapata.

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