Your Sackperson can show more than 13 emotions. These are selected with the directional arrows. The default emotion is neutral and can be accessed by going past the last option for any emotion.


A sad Sack person next to a happy Sack person


Hands: Sackboy's hands "points" at the player with his index fingers

  • Neutral Emotion 1 - Sackperson yawns, and stretches their arms, seemingly tired
  • Neutral Emotion 2 - Sackperson sits on the ground
  • Neutral Emotion 3 - Sackperson falls asleep on their shoulder (although their eyes can be seen blinking)
  • Neutral Emotion 4 - Sackperson looks at his/her hands like he is looking at the time on his watch


1967640-sackboy happy

Hands: Your Sackperson's hands form a peace sign when "happy".

  • Pressing up once - The sackperson becomes cheerful. They smiles, their brow raises and body has a noticeable bounce to their step. 
  • Pressing up twice - The sackperson is happy. They smile with an open mouth.
  • Pressing up thrice - The sackperson becomes an ecstatic sackperson. Its tongue hangs from their mouth as they makes an open-mouth smile.



Hands: Sackboy's hands hang down limply, and form a "thumbs down" gesture, when "sad".

  • Pressing down once - The gloomy sackperson expressed furrowed brows and drooping shoulders.
  • Pressing down twice - Your sackperson is sad, their burrows frow, they droops their shoulders, and their mouth frowns and starts to quiver.
  • Pressing down thrice - Your sackperson becomes inconsolable, they then sob openly.


7180.sackboy scared.png-610x0

Hands: Sackboy's hands come up over his head, with palms open, and his hands quavers in fear and frightened gesture when "afraid".

  • Pressing left once - The sackperson feels a bit nervous as their eyes get wider, mouth furrows with worry, and legs shake.
  • Pressing left twice- As your sackperson feels more scared, their mouth opens, and their head and eyes glance around
  • Pressing left thrice - Your sackperson is terrified, their mouth opens widely as their body quivers.



Hands: Sackboy's hands bunch up into fists when "angry". When arms are resting, they rest on his hips in an aggressive gesture.

  • Pressing right once - An irritable sackperson's brow lowers in the middle, and their mouth shows angry frown.
  • Pressing right twice - The angry sackperson's brow lowers more, and also pursing their lower lip.
  • Pressing right thrice - The sackperson is now absolutely livid, they are filled with rage as they opens their mouth widely.


  • If you press lighter on the hand, Sackboy's hands form a clutching pose.
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