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Elephant Temple is the second level in The Temples in LittleBigPlanet's Story.

"Beware of the devious traps in this ancient temple." is what the description tells the player.

Storywise, the player is looking for The Great Magician, but he needs to get trough the Elephant Temple first.

In this temple, you must learn how to take care of buttons and jumping high. It has moving platforms, movable stairs and certain sensor-triggered events. Near the end, You must ride on an elephant's back, to finally reach The Great Magician's Palace.


* Sticker used in The Elephant Temple to get items

** Sticker used in The Great Magician Palace to get items

*** Needs 2 players to get it

Stickers Costumes Objects Materials Decorations
Crown Mini Sackboy TM*** Double Oscillating Platform Blue Wood Emerald Jewel***
Jewel Crown Motif Short Sleeved Shirt*** Elephant Head Statue Bollywood Collage Green Fabric Star***
Monkey* Brown Burlap Extendable Stairs Gold Metal Green Star
Pink Elephant Brown Carpet Five Section Wave Gold Sequin Fabric Ruby Jewel***
Straight Cobra Body** Platform Green Fabric Crystal Earring
Tiger Patterns Large Wave Platform Latticed Stone Elephant Mosaic
Mechanical Stone Elephant Silk Pattern
Oscillating Platform Stone
Puzzle Platform Temple Stone
Six Section Wave
Sliding Block Platforms
Stone Elephant