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Dumpty sitting on a skateboard in Skate to Victory

Dumpty, presumably based upon Humpty Dumpty, is a character that appears in the Gardens. He is an egg-like man who tends to sit atop things and dispenses useful advice.

Role in Game

Dumpty first appears in 'First Steps', the first level of The Gardens.

During one point in the level 'Skate to Victory', inside the castle, it's possible to see Dumpty bobbing in and out of view through a window. However, on the next window, something that resembles Dumpty can be seen, but it's actually The Collector. Later on in the level, Dumpty appears on a skateboard, asking the player to drag the skateboard so they can escape from the castle.

For some reason he was not kidnapped by The Collector (possibly because he was broken or was mistaken for an egg); Dumpty is one of the few characters absent from the cages in The Collector's Lair. There are Score bubbles inside him.

Effect of perception of the Gardens

Because of the famous rhyme involving humpty dumpty, the 'Steeds' seen in the Gardens are occasionally thought of as being "the King's horses". The "King's men" are not present in non-player-character form, so one can assume that Sackboy/Sackgirl plays this role.



  • It is possible to obtain point bubbles from Dumpty by pulling him apart. This doesn't seem to have a lasting effect on him, however, as he appears multiple times throughout the story. One theory that might explain this is that all The King's horses and all The King's men actually can put him together again.
  • The Collector-disguised as Dumpty-is seen through a window in Skate to Victory. Dumpty himself is later seen in the same level on the skateboard near the end of the level. He can only be obtained by collecting the prize bubble under the skate ramp.
  • if you take the white stickers (the ones that make him look white and without them he would look brown) off of him it reveals the tape stickers on him
  • In LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home, he is riding a skateboard down a hill like the original game.
  • His Prize Bubble is obtained from a Yellow Star switch trigger in Skate to Victory.
  • In some TV Spots, Dumpty's original design can be seen, appearing to be a green fat man with a red shirt and blue monkey face.

The old design for Dumpty