Below is a list of Downloadable Content for LittleBigPlanet (PSP).

Image Name & Description Contents Prices
Psp gardens costume-72x72 Based from the Elizabethan costume from the Gardens. Elizabethan Hat, Elizabethan Mustache, Elizabethan Collar, Elizabethan Shirt, Elizabethan Pants Free
Psp savannah costume-72x72 Based from the Lion costume from the Savannah. Lion Mane, Lion Nose, Sharp Teeth, Lion Tail Free
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Based from the Bride costume from the Wedding. Red wig, mini top hat, wedding veil, bow tie, white wedding dress Free
Psp canyons costume-240x240 Based from the Seniorita costume from the Canyons. Seniorita wig, sombrero hat, long moustache, lace trim dress, red poncho Free
Based from the Disco Dancer costume from the Metropolis. Afro wig, mirror sunglasses, dollar chain, tracksuit bottoms, tracksuit top Free
Based from the Geisha costume from the Islands. Wooden wig, ninja scarf, red kimono Free
Based from the costume from the Temples. Blue headscarf, Blue sari Free
Based from the costume from the Wilderness. Fur hat, long grey coat Free
Psp gardens pack-72x72 The Gardens pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP. $2.99
Psp kingarthur pack

The King Arthur pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP. Includes 12 stickers.

  • King Arthur costume: King arthur’s crown, excalibur, king arthur’s tunic, king arthur skin
  • Merlin costume: Merlin’s beard, merlin’s hat, merlin’s robe, merlin’s wand, merlin’s eyes
  • Guinevere costume: Guinevere’s dress, guinevere’s hair
  • Morgana costume: Morgana’s masque, morgana’s dress, morgana’s hair
  • Armoured horse costume: Armoured horse
  • 12 stickers: Banner, turret, turret roof, knight’s helm, hero sword, chalice, fierce dragon, knot pattern, castle window, castle wall, chest plate, gauntlet
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