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Death by Shockolate is a minigame in LittleBigPlanet 2, by Victoria von Bathysphere.


"Display your mastery (or un-mastery) of the grappling hook and negative throught this electrified obstacle course of death. Get as many score bubbles as you can to slow down the timer and head for the highest score you can.

Remember, it's an electrificated obstacle course of death, so tread carefully!"



  • Burlesque Boa
  • Burlesque Hair
  • Burlesque Fishnets & Shoes
  • Burlesque Feather
  • Burlesque Dress


  • Pale Pink Lips
  • Black Face & Dark Hair
  • Military Man's Arm
  • Decorative Bug Motif
  • Lady's Shoulders
  • Paisley Motif 1
  • Sideburns
  • Monochrome Scales
  • Charles Babbage
  • Pink Hair & Flower
  • Head Outline & Ruff
  • Rat Sketch
  • Victorian Swirls Motif
  • Painsley Motif 2
  • Stitches
  • Water Motif
  • Pink Drippy Smile
  • Bird Motif
  • Anemone - White
  • Spiral Motif
  • Purple Fern
  • Military Man's Torse
  • Green-Shaded Eye
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