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Danger Tweaker

You can change whether an Object is Lethal or not mid-game via Logic.

Tweaking it:


  • Lethal type: This chooses which type of lethal-iness this Danger Tweaker gives! There can be Multiple Danger Tweakers with different Lethal types, but only ONE can be activated at a time! Options: Fire, Electricity, Plasma, Gas and None. 'None' is used specefically because it removes all Lethal stuff from it (with exception if it's spikes, bombs, etcetera). Even after 'None' is set, others can activate the Lethal-iness again!

Input action (only available if it has an input)

  • Input action: This chooses what will happen when the Input is activated. Options: On/Off, and Stay on. On/Off does so that it is activated when the Input is active, and turns off when the Input is in-active. Stay on does so that the lethal-iness is being kept until another Danger Tweaker has been activated, even if the Input is IN-active!
  • Inverted: Inverts the Input if set to On. Like connecting the wire as Input to a Not-gate that is then linked to this Danger Tweaker.


  • Visible in Play Mode: Chooses wether this Danger Tweaker is visible in Play Mode or not. The options are Yes and No. By default, this is at No


  • Lethal Sounds: Wether there is the Lethal Sound Effect or not. Options are Yes and No. By default this is set to Yes.