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Cursed Bay is the fourth of the five story levels included in the Pirates of the Caribbean Kit.

Level Description

Hidden somewhere in Cursed Bay is a legendary ship, the only vessel able to take on the Kraken!



54 prizes are obtainable throughout this level, although the use of two stickers and the completion of a 4X section are required to get them all. Additional items can be obtained by completing and acing the level as well as for collecting all items throughout the level.


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  • Acing this level with unlock the Bronze Trophy, "Ace Cursed Bay".
  • Using the Skull Chest sticker near the start of this level unlocks a race, complete it with at least 4000 points left on the clock to unlock thet Silver Trophy, "HMS Interceptor".
  • The x4 of this level can be done with only 2 people.