With simple tools, there are endless possibilities in Creation mode.

Create Mode is unlocked by beating the first theme of the LittleBigPlanet game. In Create Mode, you can create levels using the tools given to you. Created levels can be published to the Community Earth where other players connected to the Internet can start playing the level.



Create Mode is where you are able to let your creative juices flow by using your tools to create objects and levels and then release them to the public to show off your clever creation skills. It is a mode accessed via the My Moon option in the Pod where you can create levels on one of several given spots then publish your finished level to get Trophies, friend requests, hearts, and good ratings.

You can also just create objects and save them individually or create a level and not publish it. The main idea is, just be creative in any way you can possibly think of.

Tools and Objects

In Create Mode, players are able to build levels using the hundreds of tools, materials, and objects available. In LittleBigPlanet 2, Logic components were introduced, and other objects were added that made Creating levels easier.

LittleBigPlanet 3 introduced Adventure Craters, and also added additional logic tools such as the Object Saver, Broadcast Microchip, and Object and Character Animation Tweakers.

Tweak Menu

The Tweak Menu is used in Create Mode to change the function of many objects from the Tools Bag, such as switches and buttons. It is accessed by pressing PlayStationSquare while aiming the Pop-It Cursor at a tweakable object. With this tool, you are able to highlight an object and edit certain respective properties belonging to it. For ropes, strings, and other such connecting wire, you can tweak their tension, length, or, for some, make a duration at which it will rise and fall. For bolts, you can tweak the strength, or if you want it to be for the middle of a wheel, you can adjust the speed at which it will spin.

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