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Craftworld is the very first version or prototype of LBP. Development of Craftworld began in 2006. This early prototype, actually named "Brainfluff" at the time, was pitched to Sony by Media Molecule the end of 2005/beginning of 2006. [1]


Craftworld is a physics based platformer, which LittleBigPlanet would build upon. The demo had platforming sections, water, a "multiplayer drum machine", and "all sorts of other weird things." [2]


Yellowhead, a pink and yellow 2D character, is the main character of Craftworld. Yellowhead can run, leap, and swim through the 2D world. [2] Yellowhead can even grab and push objects and balance on top of rolling objects by running (like a treadmill). Yellowhead was the model for Sackboy. [3]

Oddly, the player controls Yellowhead with the right and left sticks. The left stick moves Yellowhead, while the right stick grabs objects.

Planned Features

Media Molecule team dreamed of many features for Craftworld that LittleBigPlanet would come out with, such as custom costumes, online co-op, level creation, cooperative level creation, and sharing levels. [4]


  • Media Molecule revealed their Craftworld prototype by placing it inside a Powerpoint presentation. [5]
  • After the first Craftworld pitch, Sony gave MM until May 2006 to improve the game. However, their next pitch was a disaster! [1]
    • Mark Evans, co-founder of MM recalled their new prototype was "unfocused, not very playable" and Create Mode was "terrible."
    • Create Mode involved using a shotgun to spray foam sponge that solidified into shapes. There was no flying, so one player with a jetpack and a player with a shotgun had to work together to build.
    • During the pitch, the MM team tried to build a robot which they called "rubbish looking."
  • During LittleBigPlanet's development, there were many setbacks. Media Molecule put lots of effort into making levels that revolved around fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood. However, they decided to scrap the idea, losing the effort put into their fairy tale levels.[5]
  • MM's third pitch in August 2006 impressed Sony. Their "3rd" prototype was similar to the first demo of LittleBigPlanet in March 2007.
    • However, a day before the pitch, they discovered a severe bug that slowed down the game with more than 3 players! Mark Evans spent the night before patching the bug.[1]



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