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Copernicus the Guard Turkey is a giant robotic "guard turkey" that was built by Clive Handforth. It chases you in Fowl Play.


It is possessed by the Negativitron into stopping Sackboy from taking back the sackbots. It is finally destroyed by Clive who makes wreckage fall on it.


  • The name Copernicus is most likley a reference to Nicholas Copernicus, an astronomer who discovered heliocentrerism.
    • The hydrogen signs on Copernicus may also be a reference to the astronomer.
    • Copernicus is Clive's guard turkey.
  • Clive mentions to Larry Da Vinci that Copernicus was "the worst guard turkey I ever had", possibly meaning that there are or were more guard turkeys.
  • Copernicus's level is similar to Frida the Bride's Skulldozer level except being killed by Copernicus means you have to restart the level, wheras the Skulldozer has a checkpoint.
  • Acing this level gets you Clive's costume.