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Coach Rock is a coach from Manglewood. She seems to be trying to create a team of some sorts.


LittleBigPlanet 3

Coach Rock can be found in the Manglewood Swamps, where she has her very own training platform, a contraption that features two curved slopes and also a series of obstacles that are used for training speed and wall-jumping. She will mock and challenge Oddsock once he's freed, as she thinks Oddsock isn't that fast ever since they awoke from their slumber.



Coach Rock is undeniably a Sackperson. Her skin is brown and is made of smooth canvas, with two dark lines under her eyes. She wears an american football-inspired outfit, mixed with that of a cheerleader, with a skirt and big shoulder pads, and a big white number 3 on her v-neck, as well as knee-pads and sneakers. She wears a red and white helmet, that straps around her head, and on the sides two cheerleading pom-poms pop out. On top of her helmet is a large yellow goal. In her mouth is a big silver whistle and she usually has a red megaphone in her hand.


Rock is small, but she is intimidating and loud. She is incredibly harsh most of the time, demanding the best from one and with zero qualms when insulting someone. However, she is loyal and a fair-player, who simply wants the best for her "team", disregarding their comfort.


Her name is presumably a pun on the insect "Cockroach".


  • She is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Vera Oblonsky, and has also voiced characters such as Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, Timmy Turner in The Fairly OddParents and Ben Tennyson in Ben 10.
  • Her voice is coarse and she has a marked Southern Accent.


Coach Rock by her challenge room