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Co-operative challenges are a gameplay feature, that first debuted in LittleBigPlanet. They require two or more players to solve a puzzle to receive Prize Bubbles. They often are marked with a x2, x3, or x4 to show where they are. 



Image and Level Players Needed Description Prizes
Screenshot 20191112-160702
Skate to Victory
2 The first Co-operative Challenge in the series, within the spooky castle, the player will find two Ghosts floating up and down, under them are two buttons, the two players simply must press the buttons while the ghosts are away and the prizes will drop down. Sticker: "Yellow Danke"
Sticker:"Vince Meat Pie"
Costume:Funny Face Glasses


  • The first Co-operative challenge is found in Skate to Victory.
  • Some Co-operative challenges can be done with a single player, however most are quite difficult.


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