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Carnivalia is a Carnival-theme planet in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It is where the game's story takes place.


A travelling carnival, Carnivalia was once overseen by the Puppeteer. Though he initially loved his job, the lack of direct appreciation caused him to become bitter and his shows suffered as a result. In a rage, he threw away his puppets only to later come to his senses. After a failed search for his lost puppets, the Puppeteer tried to create new puppets but failed. As a side-effect of this process, the Hollows were created. Not recognizing the Hollows for what they were, the Puppeteer created more of them. Eventually, the Hollows grew strong enough to turn on the Puppeteer and imprisoned him. Seizing control of their planet, the Hollows travelled the galaxy and lured visitors to their planet to turn them into Hollows. When Carnivalia's supply of joy ran low, the Hollows targeted a planet and stole away its joy.

When Carnivalia attacked Craftworld, Sackboy was brought to the smaller world, meeting its Creator Curators, while several Sackpeople were turned into more Hollows. Sackboy eventually found the Puppeteer whose laughter destroyed the original Hollows and returned the transformed to their original states. Without the Hollows, Carnivalia returned to its original state.


Carnivaila is small, almost the same size as the My Moon. It has a disorganized look, with various objects sticking out of it. These include a ragdoll octopus, a trumpet, a house, some moving tentacles with a wind-up key, and a carnival tent with a moon symbol at the top. Various items are on springs which periodically move up and down. There are also gears under the planet if you look closely.


  • It is visually similar to Bunkum.
  • In the E3 trailer for the game, it has different badges on it. It's possible this was the beta version of the planet.
  • The Buttons of the worlds suck the joy of Craftworld, as seen in "A Carnival On The Run" in the game's Concept art it was originally gonna have plungers.
  • Concept art of Carnivailia depicts a Igloo-Theme world with a Lab under it, it could be an early version of Jackpot City.
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