Bubble Labyrinth is a Minigame in LittleBigPlanet's Story, located within The Wedding area, connected to the level The Darkness.

Loading Message

"Push the spongy bits to find a path - beat the timer and collect points!"

First Speech Balloon

"Push the spongy bits through this maze, avoiding the firey coals. Beat the timer and get to the finish post as fast as you can for that high score! Don't forget - collecting score bubbles will pause the timer and win you points!


This is a race challenge, so it must be aced for the "play" trophy.

The level consists of multiple paths through a labyrinth, with movable pieces of sponge blocking certain ways. They're attached to a stiff piston, which is attached to a screw, allowing you to push the pieces along each platform, but not able to knock them off. Certain areas are blocked off by flaming coals glued to the background, or sponge bits you can't move out of the way.


This level contains no extras, and unlocks nothing.


(25) Little Big Planet (Story -- Bubble Labyrinth)

(25) Little Big Planet (Story -- Bubble Labyrinth)

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