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Book 3:Bunkum Lagoon
Bunkum Lagoon appears to be based upon Venice, Italy.

Level Description: "Cower under the regal scowl of Queen Pinky Buflooms, ruler of all Bunkum! The last great hero, Swoop, sleeps above her royal Lagoon."

Adventure Description: "In the third and final chapter of this thrilling tale, you'll climb to the top of a terrifying tower, go for a bounce in a beast's belly, and - if you're lucky - take to the skies as Swoop! It's down to you to stop Newton before he buts an end to creativity once and for all." LittleBigPlanet 3

Story & Theme
The theme of this area is very regal, with knights, shields, etc, but it also looks as though the player is up in the clouds, there are also sea creatures layed about, as this is a lagoon. This is also stated by Pinky to be her kingdom, but it was partially taken over by Newton who built a huge fortress with his face on it. This is where the player unlocks Swoop and the boost boots power-up by collecting Swoop's two marbles from the literal belly of a beast and a tower. After this, Sackboy, Toggle, Oddsock, and Pinky take a ride up to Swoop's temple, but are interrupted by Newton and his airship, who shoots Sackboy into the open air. He is saved just in time by Swoop, who proceeds to destroy Newton's airship. With the heroes assembled, they make their way to Newton's fortress where he springs a trap and captures Sackboy. Toggle, Oddsock, and Swoop work together and free Sackboy from his imprisonment. This angers Newton, and he unleashes the purple titan. This frees him from his possession, just in time to be eaten by the titan. However, with their combined efforts, Sackboy, Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop defeat the titan and bring peace to Bunkum once more.
Creator Curator: Pinky Buflooms
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Side Quests

Collectables - Number of Items: 53


  • Gondola
  • Knight's Helmet 2
  • Knight Body
  • Harlequin Leg
  • Parrot Body
  • Bunkum House
  • Extravagant Pig Mask-Dark
  • Bunkim Arch
  • Cat Shield
  • Bunkum Pillar
  • Life Belt
  • Bubble
  • Bunkum Tower
  • Bunkum Bridge
  • Bunkum Gondola
  • Parrot Body 2


  • Ornate Picture Frame-Corner
  • Ornate Picture Frame-Top
  • Swoop Sculpture
  • Feather_short
  • Feather Shoulder
  • Pearl Brooch
  • Metal handle
  • Golden Bucket
  • Blue Butterfly Wing
  • Crossed Lace
  • Genie Lamp
  • Feather Long
  • Wall Candelabra
  • Open Brass Porthole
  • Pearl Brooch


  • Worn Pinball
  • Vintage Wine Bottle
  • Hurricane Lamp
  • Cog
  • Knight's Shield
    20171027 154823.jpg


  • Afghan Rug
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Coarse Fur
  • Bolted Sheet Metal
  • Fishing Net
  • Harlequin Pattern
  • Linked Coins
  • Cracked Decorative Tile
  • Sofa Cushion


  • None


  • 'Bunkum Lagoon Interactive Music', by Brian D'Olivera
  • 'Field', by Profesor Sakamoto
  • 'Hero Theme', by Paul Thomson
  • 'Introvert - Original Mix', by Koan Sounds
  • 'One-Armed Bandit', by Jaga Jazzist
  • 'Photon', by Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
  • 'Sleazy does it', by Paul Thomson
  • 'The Bigger Reval', by Paul Thomson
  • 'Togens Hule', by Casiokids
  • 'What Is This I Don't Even …', by Paul Thomson
  • 'You're Gonna Like This …', by Paul Thomson


  • Despite being a flying city, Bunkum Lagoon takes place in the center of Bunkum, since the Creative Heart is located there.
  • This world has two missing marbles, instead of the usual three.