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The Back To The Future Level Kit is a DLC pack that is based of The Back To The Future trilogy. It was released in celebration of Back to The Future Day, a once-in-history day marked on Wednesday on October 21, 2015, which is the date in the second movie, where they fast forward to the future. The pack costs $4.99 to buy, and contains only one level filled to the brim with prizes, like the The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit or the History Pack. The pack contains 201 prizes, including the prizes for collecting all prizes, acing, and completion, the most notable prize is a new powerup, the Hoverboard, referencing the popularization of the hoverboard in the second movie.


Back To The Future Level Kit

  • Prize Bubble Count - 193
  • Contains prizes for Acing, Completing, and Collecting


The pack contains 27 new decorations, 127 stickers, 4 objects, 18 materials, 3 costumes, 1 dynamic loading background, 1 interactive music track, 1 cinematic stinger, 11 new sounds, and the Hoverboard powerup. Prizes list is in progress.


  • "Great Scott!" Speech Bubble
  • "Slacker" Speech Bubble
  • 1885 Sign
  • 50s Car - Blue
  • 50s Car  - Red
  • Artichoke Leaf
  • Asphalt Arrow
  • Asphalt Stop
  • Asphalt Shape
  • Baby Blue
  • Back To The Future Logo
  • Band Member Hand
  • Bassist Head
  • Biff Head (1955)
  • Biff Head (1985)
  • BIff Tannen Sign
  • Biff's Convertible
  • Biffco Enterprises Sign
  • Blue Tuxedo Arm
  • Blue Tuxedo Body
  • Brainwave Analyzer


  • This is the only single-level pack to include a Powerup, and the only one with a story.
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