Adventure Crater

The inside of an adventure in LittleBigPlanet 3.

An Adventure is a type of level in LittleBigPlanet 3 which is includes up to fifteen connected levels. It is created on My Moon on one of three Adventure Craters, which only house the special Adventure levels. An adventure level's badge is shaped like a hexagon unlike regular levels which are circular shaped.

Creating an adventure

All adventure levels have a sort of miniature world which serves to house up to fifteen levels.

When creating an adventure, players can chose which levels they want to be locked or discoverable. Discoverable levels must be unlocked by player actions involving scoreboards, progress boards, and Organizatron quest tweakers.

Levels within an adventure do not count against your 20 level quota (the adventure level itself counts as one level). Publishing the adventure will create a single entry on your Earth for it. The adventure must be played to see any levels inside of it. Levels within an adventure are embedded and are not references to regular levels as published on your Earth (such as with level links in lbp2). Levels within an adventure cannot be made available outside of the adventure on your Earth unless you choose to publish a copy of the level you want to be accessible separately.

If you wish to use an existing level you've already made in your adventure, you can copy one into the adventure from your moon using the square button. However, this becomes a new copy of the existing level and will not track changes made to the original.

All levels inside the adventure are connected and share the same Collectabells, scores, Organizatron quest status, unlocked Sackpocket items, and the state of objects which contain object savers. Adventure levels save this progress so you can leave and return to them later to complete all quests.

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